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Happily, on October 30 we have a lovely link between Mercury and Venus. This is literally just less than 24 hours before Mercury goes into another retrograde cycle. October 31 sees the start of a new Mercury retrograde cycle. Everything old will be new again and vice versa. PS Interested in Mercury Retrograde? I have a new book about it coming out, co-authored with Kim Farnell. If you order before October 31, you will get some great free bonuses, including a mini-course explainer video that will teach you how to work out where Mercury is retrograde in your chart every time!

Click here for your time zone. Please click here for your time zone. So, if you want to start a new lunar practise and keep it up for a year, this is the ideal time to make the commitment to working with the Full Moon every month for 12 months. Working with the monthly Full Moon will change your life for the better and boost your manifesting powers in ways which truly could astound you. Set aside time once a month just before Full Moon, ideally on the night that the Moon is at Her roundest this month is great as the Full Moon is at night, but check the times on these pages every month. Sometimes the Full Moon is in the morning or afternoon, in which case you would ideally do your work the night before.

If you do this every month, your life will start to change in amazing ways. There is awesome power in forgiveness and surrender! The New Moon is the time to set your intentions for the month ahead. By getting clear on what you want, you will effectively be sending out arrows of desire that cannot help but start to manifest. Of course you also need to work towards your dreams. In astrology, Scorpio represents the phoenix that rises from the ashes.

So, no matter where you are sexually or when it comes to cash, this is the time to turn things around.

Welcome to Capricorn season, Cancer!

The Goddess associated with Scorpio is the Goddess of destruction, Kali, a very power energetic force. Chant it at least 3 times or 9, 27 or times on the night of the New Moon, as you ask Kali to free you from whatever is standing between you and your desires. Then be prepared — let me say it again; Kali is a powerful force!

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope. Yasmin Boland Astrology Expert. What else? And more about Pluto… Also in the first week of the month, we get Pluto, also known as the bully of the Zodiac, finally changing directions. Here is a reminder of where Pluto is for you. Note that this cycle lasts until !

Full Moon in Cancer: Horoscopes for the Week of January 9th

Mars is on the move and what that means… Another big change in the first week of the month is the move of the planet Mars from Virgo into Libra. Now we get Mars moving into the partnership sign of Libra. Here is where Mars is for you. More lessons to learn I know I said that October will be easier, but another quite fleeting alignment to watch out for early on in the month is the Sun squaring Saturn.

The Sun is all about ego and Saturn forces people back into line. What about love? Aka Venus? Happy endings Happily, on October 30 we have a lovely link between Mercury and Venus. October brings the Full Moon in the sign of Aries — the first sign of the zodiac. How to work with the monthly Full Moon… 1. Think of at least one person you can forgive 3. Think of at least one thing you can forgive yourself for 4. Write down your forgiveness list express yourself fully!

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Have a great month! Watch what you will learn from the course below. Holy Guacamole! Our Latest YouTube Videos. Single, Venus brightens your day and warms up your conversation in January. But do not raise your voice on the 8th, pass your messages smoothly. Be careful not to dream too much, you cannot live disconnected from the realities of this world. Bet on a reasonable estimate of your means and do not forget to consult with others before embarking on adventurous initiatives. In a Relationship, you want to push the boundaries of the possible but listen to the opinions of others to enjoy Jupiter without overestimating your means.

Satisfy yourself a lot. It's better than nothing.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Single, you aspire to live in good conditions and you take initiatives to achieve your ideals. But some fantasies could lead you to disappointment if you do not respect your means. In early January, think about the effect of your actions on your loved ones. If you do not think about each other, discussions and arguments are in sight. To avoid them, open the dialogue and wait until the 26th when Venus helps you warm up the mood.

In a Relationship, Try to manage the reluctance of your partner for the best because they do not see where you are going. Take the time to debate in order to reduce the clashes. To calm things down, wait until the 26th: Venus will help you convince smoothly.

Single, you have the art and the way to fight your battles with intelligence and success at the beginning of the month the 4th. Then your loved ones wonder about your initiatives. Do not argue: reassure them. Spend yourself but not without counting. Do not think that anything is possible, at the risk of exceeding the limits and ending the month in hunger and displeasure. Do your best rather than anything that comes to mind.

Cancer Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

During the month for January for the zodiac sign for Cancer: The First Week, The 2nd, this is not the time to treat the other lightly but to consider your exchanges both privately and professionally with the utmost seriousness. Enough to understand the depth and value. The 4th, 3rd decan you aspire to move the lines in the office and free yourself from codes and habits that have had their time and, since December, have had a real efficiency in carrying out your initiatives.

The 6th, the new moon invites you all to listen to your partner and the others and not to try to go it alone. So it's time to date, get married or commit The Second Week, The 8th, 1st decan, pay attention to the risk of bugs and conflicts if you are too stubborn about your positions without taking into account the opinion of the other. Strive to give at least an inch of ground to your interlocutors if you do not want them to turn into vicious critics.

The 11th, your relationships are changing 3rd decan?

get link You will probably not escape from a redesign of your bonds and exchanges. So in January, try to dig into sensitive topics and issues with the other. The 13th, 2nd decan, you are driven by magnificent ideals and animated by extraordinary ambitions? But, this is not a reason to take off without a belt. If, on the other hand, you weigh the pros and the cons before you decide, you will avoid the possible blunders due to a lack of appreciation of the reality which surrounds you and the conditions of your existence.